Twin SoulsEdit

[4 Point Supernatural Merit]

Because of the sudden, heavy interest in this merit and its potential for upsetting game balance, this Merit has been rewritten as follows;

Your Avatar has been fragmented and has a "soulmate" equal in power to your own Avatar and similar in Essence, Nature and Demeanor. This fragment may be possessed by your physical twin (brother or sister, identical or otherwise), a look-alike, another mage, or a complete stranger possibly even a Sleeper. When in physical contact with your soulmate (or spiritual contact, for actions in the Umbra), the two may share Quintessence. The parts are greater than the whole. This joint pool must replenished through meditation in a Node, like a regular pool of Quintessence. With only one level of Correspondence, you will know where your soulmate is; with one dot in Life, you will know his state of health; with one rank in Mind, you may share thoughts. If one soulmate dies, the other must make a willpower roll, difficulty 8, to avoid following you due to psychic shock. Soulmates are not just walking Merits and must be pre-presented and run as different characters, preferably by different players in a group. Also note that you do not have to get along with your Twin Soul. Twin Souls are distinct and separate individuals, not tag-team powerhouses.



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