Winter full moon

There is a 4 pt merit called Supernatural Kinfolk. Be sure to buy that. If your character has Pure Breed, be sure to include that among your backgrounads as well. Kinfolk who Awaken in game, become trained as sorcerers or develop psychic powers need to buy the merit first before they do the scenes that lead to them gaining their new powers. Its okay if buying the merit either at creation or in-game (if something happens and you become a supernatural kinfolk along the way) bumps your total # of merits above 7. You just can't have more than 7 flaws provide extra freebies. Characters in Dusk with good character histories get --15 extra freebies-- to start; purchasing this merit isn't a hardship. If something happens unexpectedly in game and you don't have 4 xp available to spend on merit, you can pre-spend them. Mark this on sheet.

Kinfolk who Awaken or Learn Sorcery/Psychic Powers After CreationEdit

Please see Becoming a Sorcerer or Mage for details. Kinfolk may use the 'Sorcerer to Mage' conversion if they have any supernatural abilities or numina at all, whether psychic or sorcerous. Certain Merits may apply in this case.

Kinfolk Ghouls & VampiresEdit

Kinfolk who become vampires and ghouls do NOT need to pay for the merit, they just add it to their sheets. Kinfolk who become ghouls or vampires don't automatically hate Shifters- but they should be very fearful of them. Most Shifters are likely to try and kill them if they discover their dark secret.

Supernatural Kinfolk by VenueEdit